Importance Of Choosing the Right Fabric for Woman Nightwear

by Viren SHah on Aug 11, 2023

night dress for women

It's very important to list certain factors while selecting a night dress for ladies. We might compromise with our comfort level during the day time wearing blended textiles but when it comes to having a deep sleep, one should not deal with discomfort. 

 Wearing fitted clothing is proven to disturb the sleep cycle and it's very essential to know which fabric suits the best for your skin. Women with sensitive skin or skin conditions are aware of the pain while wearing polyester or any other man-made clothing. Many women go through harsh after-effects like rashes and redness after wearing them for a long time. To make this task of selection easy, we suggest going for fabrics that are natural based i.e., silk, cotton, and linen. Read below, to know which of these fabrics are suitable to be in your night closet. 

Which Is the Ideal Fabric for Women to Sleep In? 

To understand which clothing works best for our skin, we should know a little about each type of fabric. Further, let’s know how our body reacts when coming in touch with nature-based fibres.

Prospects Of Silk Fiber 

Choosing silk sleepwear for women is a great option. As silk fabric is made from one of the most luxurious fibres derived from silkworms. Silk fabric has in-built rich proteins, which is an exceptional benefit for women’s skin. It has a soft and smooth feel, making the fabric frictionless. And therefore, it's suggested to have pillowcases made of silk, as it protects hair and skin from friction, keeps your hair frizz-free, and helps skin to keep its moisture intact. Everything about silk sounds lavish but good things come with a price. As it's totally made using nature-based material and traditional methods, the process becomes time taking and needs intensive labor, which increases the price highly. 

Pros Of Linen and Its Origin 

 Linen fabric is highly known for robes, gowns, and night dress for ladies. People often get confused between cotton and linen. Linen is made using flax seeds while cotton is made using kharif crops, hence they both are different. Linen is very much preferable during hot weather as it absorbs sweat and dries quickly. On the other hand, if we talk about the cons, flax seeds are produced mainly in China, and due to import of this fabric makes it expensive. Also, toxic chemicals like alkali and oxalic acid are used for the separation of flax seeds, resulting in environmental damage. 

The Most Preferred Fiber, Cotton 

 Now we came to the most used fibre in the whole world, Cotton. 75% of the world’s clothing contains cotton fibre directly or indirectly. It's the only fabric known to be suitable for all seasons and every woman’s skin type. Its absorbent quality and durability make it the most preferable fabric for both day and night wear for women. As for the con, it gets wrinkled often, but for the sustainability factor, we can surely overlook this con. 

In conclusion of the above-mentioned key points, all three fabrics are beneficial for our skin and if organically produced, we can reduce waste and damage caused to nature. As we talk about the cost of fabric, cotton is the most preferable fabric all around the world, due to its less cost of production and more availability of raw materials compared to other fibres. According to the survey chart 2023, India individually produced 5.9M t of cotton, followed by China and other 47 countries. Due to cotton’s accessibility in various regions, it becomes easy for manufacturers to continue the production and supply chain. 

How Cotton Plays a Great Role in Sustainability? 

The first question is, what is sustainability? And how can you adapt to a sustainable life? Sustainability is the term used for the product bought while keeping the balance between protecting the environment and economic growth. When it comes to shopping for clothes, our clothing industry is the 2nd largest industry to produce toxic waste. As humans, it's our responsibility to protect nature, for which we need to adapt to sustainable living. Here are some of the tips to live more sustainably. While shopping you can focus on buying clothes which can be worn at least 30 times and the fabric must be eco-friendly. There is one way to avoid any mistakes and make your decision fast, look for tags with 100% cotton tags. As cotton is a biodegradable material, it decomposes without leaving a trace. By adapting cotton-based products, we can contribute to saving the environment. 

Advantages Of Cotton Night Wear 

Cotton sleepwear for women has a lot of benefits, apart from its cost. Cotton is considered to be one of the most sustainable and comfortable at the same time, here is why 

  • 100% cotton is suitable for all skin types, so one doesn’t have to rethink while quick shopping.
  • Cotton’s natural fibers provide comfort for the body and that results in serene sleep.
  • Its highly absorbent fabric, which makes it ideal for all kinds of weather changes.
  • Cotton fabric has an airy weave, which helps the body to evaporate sweat quickly.
  • Cotton fabric is breathable and durable at the same time. It's often used as an alternative for workout clothing. 

Cotton Sleepwear for Women by Clover Crafty 

The brand provides a relaxed night dress for ladies. With the great benefits of cotton fabric, clover crafty has designed comfortable co-Ords which are 100% cotton and come with a regular fit to provide ease for body movements during sleep. The brand focuses on providing breathable clothing for women on a pocket-friendly budget. One gets options for pajamas and shorts. So that you can flaunt your night clothing with comfort. 


Nightwear for women comes in a wide range of fabric materials. In the above-mentioned topics we learned cotton, silk, and linen fabrics are best suitable for women’s skin with their drawbacks. And as concluded 100% cotton fabric is not only affordable but it's entirely biodegradable, it's a prominent clothing fibre to live a sustainable life. Cotton-based clothing is suitable for all skin and weather conditions. It provides breathability and many more necessary factors; one needs to be comfortable. Therefore, night suits made of cotton material are the best option to choose from. It is very important for women to select breathable sleepwear to avoid unwanted body Odor. And one can have an undisturbed sleep cycle.