Bell Sleeves Top - The Come Back Story

by Viren SHah on Jul 27, 2023

Bell Sleeves Top - The Come Back Story

Long sleeves flared outward from the elbow to the wrist are known as "bell sleeves."  This historically feminine sleeve length is returning and for good reason. It is part of the trend of oversize, experimental sleeves that has swept the runways. Here are some examples of bell-shaped sleeves that are often worn nowadays.

Who May Wear Bell Sleeves?

Women in higher education may benefit from wearing bell sleeves top. Bell sleeves are versatile and look well with any shirt or Kurti. Blouses with bell cuffs are also a stylish option. Pair it with a simple saree. Modify the way you wear saris traditionally. Bell sleeves are unique because they cover up extra weight. The fat is concealed.

When Wearing Bell Sleeves, Avoid These Common Mistake 

  • To avoid back pain, avoid carrying bell-shaped accoutrements. These sleeves are so stylish they might be worn as jewellery.
  • When worn with dark garments, bell sleeves seem bulky. These sleeves are especially lovely on blouses with flowery patterns or bright neon colours.
  • A Variety Of Bell-Shaped Sleeve Styles

  • 2 Piece Flared Bell Sleeves

  • This bell sleeve is an extension of a standard 3/4 or half sleeve. A standard sleeve and a flared piece must be drafted and cut before you can begin sewing the bell sleeve. 
  • Circular Flounce Bell sleeves

  • A bell-shaped object is often a large, circular cloth panel in this context. The standard sleeve was cut from the first draft. Join the sleeve to the body via sewing. Measure the circumference of the sleeve's bottom edge (or wait to attach the sleeve to the bodice until the ruffle has been sewn on). You will need to cut out an inner circle whose circumference matches the sleeve's outside border. 
  • Double-layered Bell sleeves

  • The construction of this sleeve is identical to that of the last, except that two identical circles are created, with the inner circle being larger than the outer. Before attaching them to the sleeve, layer them and baste stitches in place. 
  • High Low Bell Sleeves

  • This ruffle is cut asymmetrically, with the front being shorter than the rear, creating a unique and stylish effect.
  • The 1980s were a time of vintage fashion and widespread hippy influence, both of which contributed to the rise of the bell sleeve style. Since then, stars in both Hollywood and Bollywood have been seen wearing this kind of sleeve. Dresses and shirts often include this kind of sleeve. Tops with bell sleeves are eye-catching and always make a statement when worn. Because of its loose fit, the bell sleeve top is also known as the flare sleeve top. Bell sleeves may be long or short and even layered for added drama. 
  • Frilly Bell Sleeves

  • Add a gathered cloth to your standard sleeve to create a bell sleeve. 
  • How To Wear: Women's Flared Sleeves

  • Bell sleeves, or bell hands, as they are often known, are chic and go well with any kind of bottom. Bell sleeve shirts may be worn officially and informally, depending on the design, colour, and pattern. If the shirts are short enough, they may be easily paired with plain or flowy high-waisted pants. You may wear them to the office with leggings and fitted pants if they are a little longer or have a tunic shape. Find these polka dot shirts, mix them with hoops, and block heels for a striking throwback outfit. You may style your bell-sleeved shirts in a variety of ways.
  • When you want to make a statement with your clothing, a shirt with bell sleeves is the way to go. Tops with bell sleeves come in a wide range of styles, cuts, colours, and patterns in this selection. Pieces range from bold patterns to understated alternatives, satisfying various tastes.
  • Bell sleeve shirts are the greatest since everyone can wear them. Maintaining a harmonious overall appearance is essential while wearing bell sleeves. Show off your style by matching a shirt with oversized bell sleeves, a pencil skirt, or straight-leg pants. A blouse with understated bell sleeves is a fantastic choice to pair with jeans.

Do Something Bold

The shirts with bell cuffs make the whole ensemble more feminine. Choose a solid-coloured shirt that can be dressed up or down, or choose a patterned bell-sleeved top that is ideal for vacation. Pick a tunic with bell sleeves to wear with leggings or a bell sleeve crop top with high-waisted jeans or skirts. We also offer choices for the athleisure crowd, for those who want a more casual appearance.

Bell Sleeve Fashion Advice 

  • You may add movement and a touch of nostalgia to your look by wearing a dress or top with bell sleeves. You may layer a blouse with bell sleeves over a sleeveless dress or wear it as a top with a pencil skirt. Put on some bell bottoms and a loose top to feel more relaxed. Dresses with flared sleeves are convenient since they need little in the way of style. Wearing a uniform colour scheme will draw all eyes to your sleek profile.
  • Wear trousers, a collared shirt with puffy sleeves, and heels or wedges that go with your handbag. You may also pair jeans with a pullover or cardigan with flared sleeves. If your shirt is cropped, wear a belt with high-rise or mid-rise pants.
  • Try a bell-sleeved sweater and ankle boots with torn or faded jeans. You should be seen with a huge purse that complements your shoe colour.
  • Put together an outfit like a navy shirt with bell cuffs and dark blue skinny pants. You may accessorize with a cranberry or other bright handbag and black wedge shoes.
  • Wear a crop top with bell-shaped sleeves and a pair of belted, wide-legged capris. Wear slingbacks with chunky heels for this style.


The bell-shaped sleeve style has taken the fashion world by storm with its mysterious silhouette. This stylish feature, which is often a broad or narrow flare toward the hem of the sleeves, adds a great deal of drama and attractiveness to an ensemble. The variety of designs, colours, and patterns flare sleeve top available at Clovercrafty is unparalleled.